IAG’s Health & Safety Division

Safety is a word you see everywhere in the oil and gas industry. But at IAG, safety is more than a mandatory term we must use to show we care about our employees and the environment. It’s the guiding principle of our company. It’s our core purpose and an integral part of our founder’s vision.

IAG is committed to protecting the health and safety of every single person that sets foot in our facilities and on our sites. There’s a reason Safety is our No. 1 rule. If our employees do not arrive home safely every night, then nothing else matters.

At IAG, we all work together to eliminate work-related injuries, illnesses and incidents by educating employees, improving safety processes and spreading awareness. Our dedication to achieving outstanding safety performance is evident in our safety record. IAG boasts a work comp modifier of .8 and a TRIR rate of 0. We have accomplished these superior metrics by enforcing the highest standards, policies and procedures. We utilize advanced equipment, comply with OSHA regulations, and provide mandatory new-hire training and continued training for employees.

IAG’s safety culture is instilled in every single one of our employees, no matter their role. Safety is crucial at every level. Our employees are trained to practice safety in all aspects of their jobs. All employees have the authority to cease operations if they deem a job hazardous.

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Jay T. Miller, one of the oil and gas industry’s most respected safety leaders, is IAG’s Environmental Health & Safety Manager. Overseeing all IAG companies, Jay’s responsibilities include uniting the company on safety standards, making sure IAG and its employees are fully compliant, employing qualified drivers and equipment, and obtaining proper licensing. Jay has also expanded the DHS orientation from two to three days.

Jay possesses more than 40 years of oil and gas safety experience. Before joining IAG, Jay served as the Safety Supervisor over drilling, completions, water management and construction at Pioneer Natural Resources, the Safety Director of UNICHEM and established his own safety consulting company.

Jay is a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Advanced Firefighter. He owns two patents for a mobile application and delivery system for chlorine dioxide. Jay earned his pre-engineering degree from New Mexico Junior College and his engineering degree from New Mexico University, with additional work toward a master’s degree.

linkedinicon.png j.miller@iag-1.com